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This site contains information of a summary nature about the operation of key aspects of QSL’s pools and marketing activities. As this information is a high level summary, it does not purport to be comprehensive or complete.  QSL does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of the information contained herein. This information should not be taken to include representations as to future matters, and nothing contained herein should be relied upon as a representation as to future matters. Any forecast of future performance is subject to uncertainties and therefore subject to change. Information about past performance should not be relied on as an indication of future performance.

This information does not constitute financial, investment or product advice, a risk management strategy, a recommendation to invest in any of the pools described herein, or an offer or invitation or recommendation with respect to any of the pools. You should seek your own financial advice before making any decisions in relation to the pricing pool terms and selecting pools. You should not make a decision based on this summary information until you have read the detailed Pricing Pool Term documents available on the QSL website. The information herein remains subject to change without notice. QSL is not under any obligation to correct or update this information. If you would like further details in relation to the information herein, please contact QSL on (07) 3004 4400.

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Where are my login details?

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What is the security code?

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How do I reset my password?

Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and a new code will be sent to your email address. Enter this code into the prompt on the screen and you’ll be able to create a new password (at least 8 characters – including at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number). Note: If you share your email address with another user in the QSL Direct Portal, this email link will not work and you will have to phone QSL Direct on 1800 870 756 (8.30am – 5pm weekdays) for assistance.

What happens if I don’t have my mobile on me when I want to login? How will I receive the SMS security code?

We can issue you with a one-time security code over the telephone if you call 1800 870 756 or if you attend one of our offices. You’ll need to answer some account questions so that we can verify your identity.

What are the minimum system requirements to access the portal?

You’ll need a modern internet browser. These include:

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Marketing Nominations

How do I nominate QSL as my GEI Sugar marketer for some or all of my GEI Sugar?

Growers in Wilmar milling districts can elect QSL as their GEI Sugar marketer within Schedule 6 of their Cane Supply Agreement on the Wilmar grower portal, while growers in Mackay Sugar districts must complete the hardcopy paper form available by clicking here or from their local QSL office.  For assistance with the nomination process, contact 1800 870 756 or your local QSL team.

What happens if I don't make a nomination?

Growers in Mackay or Wilmar milling districts who do not make an active GEI Sugar marketing nomination prior to the 31 October marketing deadline each year will default to their existing marketer for the new season.

When do I need to nominate QSL as my GEI Sugar marketer?

Marketing nominations for each new season close on 31 October in the year prior. For example, marketing nominations for the 2021 Season closed on 31 October 2020.

Can I change my marketing nomination?

Marketing nominations can be changed up until 31 October in the year prior to the season’s commencement. However, any pricing already underway or achieved for that season may be required to remain within the existing marketer’s system. Please see your local QSL team for details of how this pertains to your specific pricing choices.

Pools and Pricing Nominations

What are my pricing options?

Details of QSL’s pricing options are available on the QSL website at the link below.

Do I have to participate in the Harvest Pool?

All QSL growers have 30% of their QSL GEI sugar tonnage automatically allocated to the Harvest Pool and US Quota Pool each season. However, growers with a GEI sugar tonnage of 300 tonnes or more can choose to manage their Harvest Pool allocation through the Self-Managed Harvest Contract. Please read the relevant product documents available in the link below for further details of this pricing option.

Can I manage my own pricing decisions during the current season?

Yes. QSL’s grower-managed pricing options enable growers to conduct pricing during the current season and up to three seasons in advance. See the link below for details of these pricing options.

How does the Harvest Pool work?

The Harvest Pool is designed to manage in-season crop shortfalls, and so features a production buffer portion that is not sold or priced until this sugar is physically received by QSL (or is almost certain to be physically received). This and the variable nature of this pool’s tonnage can lead to greater price volatility than that experienced in QSL’s committed-tonnage pools.  For further information regarding the Harvest Pool, please read the relevant product documents available via the link below.

Do I have to put tonnage in the US Quota?

Yes, participation in this pool is mandatory, as the US raw sugar market usually offers the highest return due to its quota system which limits international access. QSL allocates a set amount of sugar production to the US Quota each season, as the actual tonnage allocated to QSL for US sales is not advised by the Australian Government until after the start of the season. Any difference between the initial US Quota allocation and actual sales volumes is absorbed by the Harvest Pool. For further details, please read the relevant product documents available via the link below.

Can I put more tonnage in the US Quota?

Not directly. If there is an increase in the actual allocation in comparison to the forecast an adjustment will be made by QSL to your Harvest Pool tonnage to provide for the additional US Quota.

Accelerated Advances – how does this work? How do I select it?

The Accelerated Advances options lifts the Advance rate to 90% each December for any completed grower-managed pricing or tonnage in QSL’s Guaranteed Floor Pool. You can elect to receive Accelerated Advances in the Season Preferences section of your QSL Direct account.

What QSL-managed pools can I nominate for future seasons?

Details of QSL’s pricing options are available on the QSL website at the link below.

What is the Shared Pool? How do I nominate for the Shared Pool?

QSL’s Shared Pool is not a pricing option, but instead is used to share the revenues and costs associated with QSL’s marketing services. As a result, you do not need to nominate for the Shared Pool – QSL will automatically apply a Shared Pool allocation to every tonne marketed through QSL.


What level should I place my order at?

QSL cannot provide you with pricing, financial or investment advice. However, we do provide extensive market data and analysis on your QSL Direct portal home page and the QSL website which is available for you to read and form your own market view. Ultimately the decision of what level to place orders at is yours. With this in mind, it is recommended that you invest sufficient time in digesting all available market information so you can place an order that is appropriate for you and your business. If you are uncomfortable placing your own orders you should consider nominating your tonnage to a QSL-managed pool where we will make these decisions on your behalf.

What are the different forward pricing options?

Details of QSL’s pricing options are available on the QSL website at the link below.

How do I place an order at current market levels?

If you’re looking to place an order which you would like filled at approximately the indicative pricing levels you see on the home page of the QSL Direct portal today, you will need to place an order below that indicative level for the tonnage you would like priced. This does not mean that you will be filled below market at the level you specified, but it gives QSL and the bank the necessary flexibility to fill your order at the best price possible upon market open. For example, if the indicative price is $395 and you place your order at $390, if the market subsequently opens at $394, you will be filled at $394.

My order was at $390 and market closed at $395, why didn’t I get the higher price?

When a grower pricing order is placed above current market levels, QSL and the bank will endeavour to fill that order as and when the target price level is reached. So in this instance the market went through the target price level of $390 and was filled as directed. Grower-managed pricing is exactly that and neither QSL nor the bank have the remit to take a decision not to fill at the level instructed and hold out for a better price. The inherent risk in doing so is that the order may not get filled at all if the price falls away again.

Why can’t I create a pricing order even though I can view my account in the portal?

It could be due to access restrictions. Only one user per tax entity (ABN) – the Pricing Manager – has the authority to create a pricing order, but there may be several users (for example, a spouse, child/parent, sibling, accountant, etc.) who are authorised to view the account (Authorised Viewers). If you can’t create a pricing order, it may be that you are set up as a viewer to the account, rather than the Pricing Manager. Your access level is displayed in the top left corner of the QSL Direct home page screen.